Wednesday 11.03.20, 9:15-11am
Writing Workshop
Alexis Bradford

Farel House Library, Huemoz
A brief exploration of the retelling of stories and the roles they play in shaping our own narratives, followed by a writing workshop to play with these ideas.

Wednesday 11.03.20, 8pm
Movie and discussion « Faces Places » (2007)
Daniela Franco

Chalet Bellevue, Huemoz (main building : « L’Abri Fellowship » pin on Google)
A melancholic and touching road-trip documentary about growing friendships, building memories, and caring about your neighbour, while making art in the process.

Friday 13.03.20, 7:30pm
Desserts followed by lecture
Everyday Creativity
Per-Ole Lind

Farel House Library, Huemoz
The world tell us, that art is either for the elite – or for the masses. It’s either high in the galleries or wide in streaming: If you’re loved by the chosen few, or by the masses: You’re an artist.
But what if you’re neither? How do we navigate art from a Christian angle? Is art really supposed to be either success or exclusivity?

Saturday 14.03.20, 9:15-11am
Watercolor workshop
Heidy Sumei Chuang

Farel House Library, Huemoz
Sign up required at
During this workshop, we will explore the nature of color and it’s story through painting the landscape. All levels are welcome and no previous experience required.

Sunday 15.03.20, 11am-12pm
Word and Image Bible study
Per-Ole Lind

Farel House Library, Huemoz

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Please park at Farel house (search for “L’Abri Fellowship Parking” on google maps) and not the main student building.

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