Yes, it is that time again when we ask for articles for the Contact magazine. Without your input the Contact magazine cannot continue. So, if you read and value the magazine, then this is your time to contribute. The theme for this issue is “Being Heavenly” and, so far, we only have two potential articles so it might be a very small issue indeed.

So, as we prepare for Christmas what does Emmanuel mean; having the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth? Does it make us live our lives differently? How does it influence how we deal with loss, celebration, family, work, the world around us and leisure? Or do you simply have some news you want to share with the church family?
All contributions to by Friday 13th December 2019.

PS We do appreciate feedback about Contact magazine. It is a constantly demanding job that requires creativity, ideas and asking people for help. We will meet to plan 2020 very soon and would much appreciate any thoughts on themes/ideas for next year. Thank you. Margaret and Jacqui

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