Our Creation Care Team are inviting us on a culinary journey this Lent. What we eat has a major impact on God’s world and as the population of God’s world continues to grow so does the challenge of feeding everyone. This was highlighted last month when the EAT-Lancet Commission published “The Planetary Health Diet”. It was their take on “a healthy diet from a sustainable food system.”  The BBC posted an article on their website which is worth reading. So, what about adjusting your diet for this Lent? You might go big and go for the Planetary Health Diet or you might choose to have an additional meat free day per week. Why not sign up online or on the hard copy downstairs. If you would like to exchange recipes, meal plans and ideas on how to reduce your animal product consumption on the Planetary Health Diet during this lent, please contact Janell Rolland via   admin@allsaints.ch to join our WhatsApp group..

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