Discovering Jesus

All Saints exists primarily to help people discover the Christian Faith and the person of Jesus Christ who is at its heart. During the year we run either The Alpha Course or Christianity Explored both of which offer an informal and relaxed environment to discuss and engage with the core convictions of the Christian Faith. Follow the links for more information.

Starting in the Autumn of 2015 we will also offer a series of evenings which are called Agnostics Anonymous. When thinking people come to the claims of the Christian Faith they naturally ask questions. Each AA evening will involve food, a presentation and discussion time around some of the toughest objections to Christianity. You can find more information by following the link.
We’re very conscious that different people are at different stages in their search for meaning. If you think that Alpha sounds a step beyond where you’re at, why not consider coming to Agnostics Anonymous.

There’s no charge to do the course.