Mission Partners

Every Christian is a Missionary and every Christian has a Mission. That mission field may well be the office we work in or at home being a full time parent or the gym where we work out. However we all recognize that mission opportunities arise, which, if they are to be realized fully, need people to leave paid employment and be supported prayerfully, financially and practically by the local church. All Saints’ has a number of such mission partners who are either home grown or are involved with outreach to English language people throughout the world. To find out more, please see details of our long term and short term mission partners.

Long Term Partners

Michelle Watson

Michelle grew up in Australia and worked as a Physiotherapist for five years while also completing an Associates degree in Christian Ministry.

She became involved in full time overseas missions in 2006. Initially she worked as a Physiotherapist with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone, then joined YWAM Lausanne in 2007.

God called her to focus on discipleship, evangelism and mercy ministries; specifically training and equipping young adults, and facilitating opportunities for them to engage in missions overseas.

Michelle is part of a leadership team in YWAM Lausanne (Youth with Mission) which is an international and interdenominational Christian Mission committed to “knowing God” and making Him known in every nation of the world”.

The training consists of a five month, hands-on Christian discipleship training program with a 12 week lecture phase, followed by an eight week outreach. It is delivered in French, German, Spanish, Korean and English with students coming from all over the world to participate.

During the lecture phase, students get to know God in greater depth through the teaching they receive and through engaging in discipleship, evangelism and mercy ministries locally in Lausanne. Students are then commissioned in smaller teams to engage in ministry in different countries (for example with churches, hospitals, prisons, refugees, and orphanages).

Michelle is also involved in training new staff, and teaching at YWAM Lausanne. She goes regularly into the city of Lausanne to engage in street evangelism and share God’s truth and love with the people of Switzerland.

She loves seeing young people meet God personally and live out a relationship with Him in practical and tangible ways, expressing God’s truth, love and hope to the nations.

Michelle’s prayer letter can be received electronically. It can also be found at the following: here and michelle.watson@ywamlausanne.com . Michelle writes a full newsletter update 4 times a year.

Michelle Watson

Richard & Karen Bradford

Richard and Karen Bradford have served as staff members of L’Abri Community based in Huémoz, Switzerland since 2001. They were married in 1994 in British Columbia, Canada and have two children, Alexis and Simon.

Richard was born in Toronto and raised in a number of places around Southern Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in philosophy at Trinity Western University and his Master’s degree at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Richard spent quite a few years painting houses before completing his education.

Karen was born and raised in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Karen has completed a number of college diploma courses. For three years she ran her own massage therapy clinic in Vancouver. She attended L’Abri as a student in 1993 and returned with Richard, Alexis and Simon in January 2000.

L’Abri is a French word best translated into English as “The Shelter”. It was established in 1955 by Francis and Edith Schaeffer, who opened their chalet/home to those who were seeking answers to life’s many questions.

Today Christians continue to need to know how to navigate through the high degree of confusion to clearer thinking and living for the sake of Christ and L’Abri continues to be dedicated to helping provide a community where questions and problems about God and life can be discussed rationally and answers sought.

Richard Bradford

International Church Society

Richard Bromley is the Mission Director of ICS which stands for Intercontinental Church Society.
The calling of ICS is to mission and ministry to English speaking people. The organization takes the Good News of Jesus Christ to English speaking people all around the world, through chaplaincies, both seasonally to tourists and permanently to key locations.
ICS is responsible for the appointment of clergy where ICS has a right to appoint. Elsewhere ICS supports churches to enable them to reach out to the communities they are in. ICS also hosts a yearly conference for all the chaplains located in different places in the world.
ICS provides a termly prayer letter called ICS News which is excellent and available on request.
ICS has launched a new website.  Here you will find daily prayer points and up to the minute prayer news and requests.  This should allow you to pray for ICS more intelligently ad frequently.  The website can be found on the following site: www.ics-uk.org
The Twitter feed is @interchsoc where the update news and prayer needs are posted.


All Saints supports the work of Medair, an NGO providing hope by helping the most vulnerable survive crises, recover with dignity, and develop skills for a better future. For more details visit their website relief.medair.org/en/mission/

Brice Johnson

Brice Johnson is our most recent addition to our Mission Partners. He is best known to our young people not only as he led our youth stream at the Church Weekend Away last year but most especially as the leader of Project Compassion (Albania, Romania and Croatia).

Youth Compass is now under the much larger “umbrella” of Youth for Christ.  the YFC and Youth Compass missions fit together very well and this allows Youth Compass access to more resources, staff support, a larger reach when recruiting staff, and more people praying for them.

For an update from Brice, click here: Project Compassion April 2017

Short Term Partners

Sara Cheese

Sara Cheese is 27 years old and is living in Cape Town, South Africa doing mission work.
She is currently volunteering at Jubilee Community Church, which hosts a health clinic that reaches the community around and about the area. The clinic serves mostly refugees, a large number of them being Congolese and people who cannot afford medical insurance.
Sara is the receptionist and admin person in the health clinic. She also assists the doctors and nurses to translate documents from French to English and vice versa. She believes God called her to Switzerland three years ago, not knowing that her learning French would be used this way!
Her blog address is saracheese.wordpress.com where one can find monthly blogs about what is happening in her life in Cape Town.
She would welcome prayers from the members of the congregation of All Saints’ Church.
Sara Cheese

Muriel Ijere-Crot

Muriel is Swiss, French speaking. Her mother was American and her husband was Swiss. She has six children and seventeen grand-children so far.
When she came to Switzerland for a holiday from Nigeria where she spent 23 years, she would join her mother to worship in All Saints’ and when she returned finally in 1994, she joined the congregation of All Saints’.
With a master’s degree in languages, she taught French for more than forty years in Switzerland and in Nigeria and retired in 2012. God called her when she was twenty to serve Him in Africa so Muriel decided to go on a short-term mission of three months with the support of Wycliffe and All Saints’ to the Rain Forest International School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. There she taught French to the students who had difficulties and organized the department of languages.
In 2014 she is teaching French from September to December to 4 classes in Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines. The school started in 1957 with donated books and equipment. From 47 students at the beginning, the school has 525 students now.
Muriel enjoys going on short-term missions because it is the best way she knows to serve God. She is able to help others and the society at large and she can meet missionaries.
To work in a Christian environment and with people who love God is a very rewarding experience.
More details on Wycliffe can be found in French and in English.  To see how Muriel’s role fits into Bible translation, click here. Click here to read more about Muriel Ijere-Crot