Small Groups

Small Groups are groups of 8-12 people who meet weekly in each others homes.

As a church, we want to ensure that everyone who joins All Saints has a place to belong. Small Groups are groups that aim to spur us on towards Christian growth, be places to cultivate meaningful friendships as well sources of support.

If you haven’t yet joined a Small Group, All Saints has groups meeting most Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays from Lausanne to Villars. Each group has its own identity and style especially our Family Small Groups that offer small group for entire families. Below you will find a brief description of each one. If you would like to join a group, contact us.

Maxine Kibble

021 922 24 09

Birds of Pray Small Group

Birds of Pray is a Small Group for women meeting each Tuesday morning from 09h00 to 11h00 at the home of Maxine Kibble in Fontanivent (near Chernex). The format is relaxed with an emphasis on building friendships, Bible Study which is relevant and supporting one another.

Joyce Wailes


Tuesday Break

Tuesday Break takes place on Tuesday afternoons between 2.30 and 3.30pm. Ladies who are young at heart (mostly over sixty) meet together for a Bible Study followed by a cup of tea. Everyone is welcome! A Service of Holy Communion takes place once a month.

Ann Ambiaux

021 943 44 80

Blonay Small Group

This Small Group caters for women only and provides an opportunity to meet and support each other in addition to looking at women’s issues through the lens of the Scriptures. It meets on Tuesday evening from 8pm.

Ruth Livingstone Wallace

021 944 36 01

Vevey Small Group

This more traditional Small Group meets in the Church Hall on Wednesday evenings from 8pm.

Ivor Ligertwood

024 495 27 00

Villars – sur – Ollon Small Group

This Small Group caters for members of All Saints living between Ollon and Villars. They meet on Thursday evenings from 8pm.

Jeremy and Claire Daglish

021 944 93 46

La Tour-de-Peilz Small Group

This Small Group meets on Tuesday evenings from 8pm at the home of Jeremy and Claire Daglish.

Patricia Salzmann

021 784 11 67

Lausanne Small Group

This Small Group gathers people who live around Lausanne. They meet on a Tuesday night at the Mercyships base from 8pm to 10pm.

Patrick and Janine Beringer


Jongny Small Group

This Small Group meets on Wednesday evenings from 8pm at the home of Partick and Janine Beringer.

Family Small Group

It’s almost impossible to belong to a Small Group when you have young children. These Small Groups seek to provide a remedy for this, drawing together families with young (and older) children twice a month for worship, bible study and activities.

There are three Family Small Groups meeting at the moment. They are coordinated by Clive & Yvonne Atkinson, Maxine & Richard Kibble, and Tim & Margaret.