What we are

Ripple is a slightly more chilled out version of place2be for 14-18 year olds. The main reason we exist is to go deeper: deeper in our friendships, deeper in our enjoyment of life, deeper in our faith.

Like place2be we eat together, play together, and think about God together, usually through a talk and discussion. We also have sung worship and sometimes prayer times; as we try to learn together how to navigate life with Jesus.

Some practicalities

This runs on alternate Fridays (on the other Fridays we have Place2be) from 7-9pm in the hall at All Saints. Dates can be found here and here .
Cost is 5 francs, and includes a meal.

In this period of Covid-19, Ripple occurs presently both indoors and out. No meals are at present provided, but young people are encouraged to bring 5- 10 CHF for individual snacks. Please contact the Youth Co-ordinator, Calen Gayle at for more information.