The name L’ETAPE is familiar to many of us at All Saints. It is an association established by local Vevey churches in 1997 to support people going through times of crisis.

This summer and autumn, encouraged by Calen, some of us Core Seniors have been helping out at their food pantry, where they have bagged and distributed food to needy members of our community. L’ETAPE currently helps 180 beneficiaries, twice a week.

Some of the food they distribute comes from local supermarkets who partner with L’Etape, providing food which is either on or just past its sell by date. However, L’Etape also welcome additional food from local churches.

Over the next three Sundays we are inviting members of the congregation to donate non-perishable food stuff and hygiene products which will be donated to L’ETAPE. You can either deliver it to the church over the next three Sundays or contact Clive who will arrange collection.

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