As many of you are aware, this years theme is ROCKY RAILROAD and to set the scene of a good old-fashioned locomotive and caboose for the kids that will be learning that “Jesus’ power pull us through” we need some supplies to pull it off!

So the following items (at least for the moment) would be really useful but not all compulsory:-

• sturdy cardboard boxes (any size but good condition to then be able to cut up as required)
• old air vent (tumble dryer kind)
• large cardboard boxes (dishwasher/washing machine-dryer appliance size) 3 or 4 including the protection if in cardboard
• 20” tall flower pot (plastic would be better)
• round push-lights – battery operated x 2
• any spare roof guttering that be cut in two to make a train track
• any spare 4×2 wood batten pieces (decent size length that can be cut to size required)
• a slinky that can potentially be painted..
• 3 or 4 Christmas trees (no decorations required) yes I know you’ve just put them away….!
• metal beer bottle tops (approx 60 needed) or coffee capsules
• old style suitcases-trunks (6)
• large buckets (the type that the salt for the road is sold in) with lid if possible
• spare interior flat paint: pillar-box red / gray / black / green / white
• 2 x 140l fiber drums with lid – these are normally made of recycled paper or coconut fibre and are used to transport pharmaceutical items or powdered items – this item may be difficult to get – a good start might be anyone who has contact with a pharmaceutical company, Broc chocolate factory or Nestle PTC Orbe, Serono-Merck don’t use the fiber version only plastic)

And lastly….
• your time: if you have a few hours to spare would love to have help with setting up the decoration on Monday 20 April from 9:30 onwards til finished!

Please advise Clare Camoeira ( or Calen Gayle ( what you might be able to provide so it can be crossed off the list and please ensure that any items needing to be returned are marked with your name.

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