On 24th June the Federal Government released a revised set of guidelines for churches in Switzerland. The guidelines relaxed previous restrictions around social distancing, singing, Holy Communion, and general eating and drinking together.

Our Church Council met on Monday evening past and discussed how best to approach these revised guidelines as we reopen All Saints. We see this Sunday as the first step in moving towards a more ‘normal’ service. The second step, on Sunday 12th, involves the introduction of children’s and youth ministry.

What about singing, coffee time and Holy Communion? Our guiding principle is to have meaningful in-person worship whilst ensuring the safety of the congregation and respecting federal guidelines.

Our intention is to see how things go with steps 1 & 2, and as July unfolds, the Warden’s Team and myself will keep an eye on how things are evolving in Switzerland (we are mindful that currently the infection rate is increasing). Our plan is to gradually reintroduce, coffee time, Holy Communion and sung worship as soon as seems possible.

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