In-person services have been suspended at All Saints for the month of November. You are invited to join us this Sunday morning at 10h00 for live Morning Worship on Zoom. For a Zoom link please contact the Church Administrator (

The service will be led by Calen and Clive, with Bible Readings and Prayers led by Core Jr/Sr teachers and students. There will be a recorded interview with Neil Bastion and Clive will continue our series on Christian Heroes, reflecting on the life of Festo Kivengere, a Ugandan Christian who was a leader in the East Africa Revival and served as a Bishop when Idi Amin was in power.

As part of our worship on Sunday, we will pause and remember the death and resurrection of our Lord through eating bread and drinking wine together. This is, of course not Holy Communion as we know it. Covid-19 has forced us apart and it’s impossible to share in person as a Church family, in this sacred meal.

However, you may wish to have bread and wine ready at this stage in the service and allow the simple experience of eating bread and drinking wine to draw our thoughts and our senses towards the cross afresh.

In addition, a video of the talk and Climbers and Explorers online resources will be available from Saturday morning. Do check your email on Saturday morning or contact the Church Administrator ( for more information.

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