Amazing! Core Senior returns- come prepped to talk about the journey of Pentecost, and about the Spirit of God’s work in our world and in our lives, 11h30 via Zoom.

Core Junior remains amazing- Looking at Luke, prepping a play, and all before midday- 10h30 via Zoom.

Youth Alpha continues this Sunday. This week, we look at the purposes and privilege of prayer in the Christian journey: it’s a great time to invite folks who want to learn what prayer is, why it matters, and how it can help us experience–not just talk about–God in our lives and our world: meeting via Zoom at 18h, link available on request

Climbers & Explorers Zoom Pentecost Party
We really miss spending time with you and your children, and are looking to provide a chance to get together this Sunday, at the Zoom Pentecost Party! It’s a little gathering for those children in Climbers and eXplorers, giving them a chance to see each other, their teachers, and learn together about the miraculous story of God’s Spirit descending on Jesus’ followers at Pentecost

We hope you will join in for a 40-minute Zoom call this Sunday at 11h30, where Sue, Sussan, and some of the other leaders will be looking forward to welcoming you!

Contact Calen for links for CLimbers and Explorers, Core Junior and Senior and Youth Alpha via email (

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