Hi again!

So, here’s the news for the weekend

GET EVER SO EXCITED! Sunday, 10 am, at All Saints Vevey, YOUTH CHURCH part 1: “Hip Hope” (you read right): come see what rims and tims, rap and trap can tell us about a hope that’s higher than steeples and even realer than people: invite your friends, your neighbors, your dog, SHOW UP!

If you’d like to help at the Youth Service and haven’t yet been asked to do anything, do reach out- there’s a bunch that needs doing! Our general rehearsal is Saturday, September 26th, starting at 18h.
What’s next!

ALSO SUNDAY 25th: Ripple: Refresh, 18h

NEXT MONTH: October 9th-11th is the CORE CRUNCH up in Rougemont: registration forms available NOW online : (October 9-11)

For Places2Be and Ripple dates, click here or visit the Youth page of the All Saints website.

Any newcomers with 11-18 year olds should reach out to Calen Gayle!

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