The Christian community of All Saints Chaplaincy is engaged in life-changing ministry to people from all walks of life. The heart of our ministry is rooted in the belief that every person is the object of God’s devotion and love. Therefore, as God’s people, we recognize that every person who enters our community is worthy of our care, respect, and honor. Safeguarding is merely one way we demonstrate our commitment to the members of our community. Through it, we train ourselves to serve others well by recognizing the dangerous dynamics of power and abuse and hold ourselves, and others, accountable.

In everything we do, our aim is to make All Saints a place where people are free to experience the transforming, challenging, and redemptive love of Jesus—a love that “always protects”, “always trusts”, and “rejoices with the truth.” (1 Cor. 13) Though this expression of love is not always easy, we believe our church community is worth it. Thank you for joining us!

Claire Daglish, Safeguarding Officer

All of All Saint’s safeguarding policies are established by the European Diocese of the Church of England. To learn more visit:

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    Safeguarding Process

    First of all, thank you! You are one of a significant team of people within All Saints who faithfully serve our children and young people.  And in doing so, you are investing into the eternal future of our precious children and teens, and are shaping them into individuals who through their faith in Christ, will themselves go on to shape the world they live in.

    One essential element of children’s and youth ministry is ensuring that all of our programmes and events are safe places where each individual child can flourish in Jesus without fear of being abused or exploited.  This is a high priority for our Diocese and for All Saints Church.  To this end the Diocese has put in place a Safeguarding Policy that requires everyone working with children and young people to undergo background checks and safeguarding training.  I, as Chaplain, personally go through a series of background checks every three years which includes Criminal Record checks in Switzerland and The United Kingdom. Admittedly this is time consuming and a little “personal” but it is an important safeguard for All Saints.  Similarly, Calen and indeed all our children’s and youth ministry heads have undergone the same process.

    To learn more, about the specific steps of the Safeguarding Process for each ministry, click the boxes below.

    Children and Youth Ministry

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