Youth Alpha

What we are

Youth Alpha is designed expressly for young people who have little clue what this whole Christian adventure is about, but curiosity about what it can mean to them and their world. It’s also geared towards those who may be followers of Christ themselves, but who want to help introduce their friends to what they believe. Whereas it normally involves a meal time followed by a video and discussion, we’ll have to have our meals in separate places, and tune in online via Zoom, where we ll watch an episode from the Alpha Youth Series, discuss, and get to know each other and perhaps more of what Jesus and his message can mean to our world

Youth Alpha has been run here in the past in English, and we’re very pleased now to have resources enabling us to run it in French as well: this allows for local teens and those having completed obligatory education (15-25) to be a part of this time. Click here for more information (French and English).

Discussion, discovery, depth. Come be a part of a story of hope, and share your thoughts with others asking questions.

Some practicalities

This course is not running at the moment but if you are interested, please contact Calen Gayle at