Compassion Team

Arguably, showing compassion to those in need is at the heart of our Christian faith and this is encouraged at All Saints.

One specific example of this is the help that All Saints offers to those visiting the church who are refugees in some way. This may be a Romanian family looking for work, a young Moroccan hoping for a better life or a pilgrim passing through on their way to Spain. Clearly, we as a church cannot solve every problem or agree to every request, so we have decided to support people in the following ways.

  1. Give out vouchers for a local shelter in Vevey that offers board and lodging
  3. Encourage people to join us in church services and meals afterwards
  4. Prayer support

Currently, we have three people in All Saints who are responsible for Compassion Ministry at All Saints

If you would like to be part of the Compassion Team, please speak to one of the people mentioned below.

Compassion Ministry Team


Kelly Barneche

Ivor Ligertwood