Financial Giving to All Saints

As a self-financed Church, All Saints’ is totally dependent on the donations of its members to pursue its ministry. We are therefore grateful for any financial contribution you might be able to make. We are committed to investing all our income into Kingdom Values, as wisely as possible. Thank you for partnering with us in this.

Please note: donations to All Saints are not currently tax deductible in Vaud. This may not be the case in other Cantons. Therefore we regret that we are currently unable to provide you with a tax receipt for any donations to All Saints.


Donations, whether “one-off”, regular, or part of the PGS can be made in a number of manners, according to your preference:


Direct transfer between your bank account and the church’s, optionally as a standing order:

Name and address of the Church:
All Saints’ Church
Avenue de la Prairie 40
1800 Vevey

The Church’s bank account IBAN (International Bank Account Number):

If your donation is part of the PGS, it is helpful to mention “PGS” in the commentary


Cash in the collection/offertory bag, during a Service.

If this is part of PGS giving, then please use the purpose made numbered envelopes, available from Mr. Patrick Beringer.


Payments made to the church bank account, using the “bulletin de versement” system (a.k.a. BVRs or post-office giros).

These can be picked up at the back of Church or can be obtained from the PGS Secretary or the Treasurer.

Jim Ingram


Patrick Beringer

Planned Giving Scheme Secretary