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Sermon Topic –  Do not let your hearts be troubled… I am the way of the truth and the life

Did you ever have a friend who brought something out of you that made you behave in a way that you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise? Perhaps somebody who gave you more confidence in yourself, made you laugh more easily or inspired you to be more than you thought you could.

Last week we explored the story of how Jesus did that for his disciples and can do that for us. The story begins interestingly with this theme of anxiety. What does it look like to put our trust in God in the face of our fears and our anxieties?

Anxiety comes from that thought of handling, knowing and being in control of all of this, that is life. Jesus says “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me… I am the way of the truth and the life.”

Putting our trust in Christ and spending time with Christ through his holy spirit, that’s the thing that sets us free. That’s the thing that leads us through this life and will lead us home.

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