We are aiming to collect recommended resources for our small groups, and make them available here. If you have suggestions of courses you would like to add, email Mark

Here area series of beautifully crafted short videos based on the theme of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’
Week 1 – Jesus
Week 2 – Praise
Week 3 – Thanks
Week 4 – Sorry
Week 5 – Offer
Week 6 – Pray for
Week 7 – Help
Week 8 – Adore
Week 9 – Celebrate
Week 10 – Silence


The Lectio Course. 
An excellent series of videos on the practice of Lectio Divina – reflective reading of scripture as a way to encounter God and deepen your life of prayer.


Discipleship Explored
Coming from the team who created Christianity Explored, this is a robust series of studies exploring what it means to be faithful to God in a fallen world. Find out more here

The Bible Project
The Bible Project is an impressive resource of visual studies on the words and themes of scripture. It comes out of the excellent Bible project podcast. You can find a wide variety of studies here bibleproject.com/bible-studies


Lectio 365 is a smartphone app that provides a reflective pattern of Biblical daily prayer. It is primarily designed for individuals but would work very well as a basis for small group prayer and discussion. You can find out more and download the app here