This is All Saints 

We love to worship because God is the source of life and love. We love to grow together, putting down deep roots in prayer and the Bible. We love to see the green shoots of lives renewed because God is at work. We love to bless our world, bearing good fruit and using our gifts for others. And we love to welcome people, because everyone needs to find a home. We love to celebrate and protect God’s creation and we love to share the good news about God’s love in Jesus, because everyone needs to hear it.

Our story so far

We are a church of many nationalities at the heart of the English speaking community in Switzerland and we have been here since 1882. We are Anglican, inheritors of a faith established by the Apostles, revealed in the Scriptures, defined by the creeds, shaped by the reformed tradition, and inspired by the evangelical renewals. Yet we are a community made up of many denominations which is enriched by each of them. And in everything we do in love, service, prayer and worship we hold out God’s word of love and life to all.

Our Mission

  • Worship for all that unites God’s people in his presence and roots us in his word and sends us out to serve. 
  • A safe and generous community for all ages where we find belonging and a place to grow.
  • Open doors where we offer a welcome to all, so that we can find the relationship with God that we were made for.
  • Outstanding youth and children’s activities to plant young lives in the faith that will sustain them their whole lives long.
  • Care for creation because that is part of God’s original calling on all of us.
  • A witness to the good news of Jesus and a safe place for honest questions.
  • Partnership with our brothers and sisters in churches across the region, as together we serve and bless our community as witnesses to the new life that is found in Jesus.