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If you are new to All Saints and are considering making us your spiritual home, please pick up a welcome brochure at the back of Church or better still, please say “hello” to one of our Welcomers. You can also contact our Church Office ( if you have any questions. You can also find tonnes of information about our Church on this website.

• Guest Service | Sunday 24th March | 10h30

• Joint Service with La Passerelle | Sunday 31st March | 10h30

• Annual General Meeting | Sunday 7th April | 10h00

This is a brief reminder that Safeguarding Training, Level II, will take place on Saturday 30th March at All Saints. Don’t forget to complete your Level I online for both children and vulnerable adults, and bring your certificates.

Next Sunday, 31st March, we will join with the congregation of La Passerelle, at La Passerelle, for a bilingual service of Worship. Information is available online at the Church Website or in hard copy form at the back of Church.

Don’t forget that just after midnight on Sunday 31st March, the clocks spring forward one hour. Yes, that means one less hour in bed!!

MARK YOUR DIARIES: The All Saint’s Church annual Holiday Bible Club will be in full swing during the East break every morning from 9am through to noon between Mon 15 to Thursday 18 April 2019. Open to all children between ages 4-10 years.

In addition, Clare Camoeira is looking for helpers and the following decoration supplies to help the children enter into their Savanna experience:

  • First and fore most – helping hands to set up the scenes in all four rooms (hall, both creche rooms and youth room)
  • Artificial plants
  • off cuts size 1×2” and 2×4” wood – (2-2.5m max height) what did we do with the wood used for the stable at Christmas?
  • as many large cardboard boxes (intact) 
  • brightly coloured fabric remnants (any size)
  • lots of different sized wicker baskets
  • small rugs (the cotton type)
  • bamboo beach mats
  • camp bed
  • umbrella stands with umbrellas if possible (to recreate small African huts)
  • bags of sand, gravel and small stones 
  • different size plastic buckets…. sandcastle size to 5gallon size! 
  • large rolls of brown paper

There is no limit to the number of items that can be donated as long as the items are clearly marked with the owners name. 

For any questions relating to the event, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Camoeira (email  ).

Our Cluster scheme provides practical support to Church members in times of need in areas such as cooking a meal, offering a lift etc. It relies on the help of volunteers to function and we are now looking to replenish our lists of willing helpers. Please consider if you may be able to spare a little bit of time occasionally to serve those who need help. If the answer is yes then you will find sign-up sheets in Church and also on the All Saints website. Please place completed forms in the box at the back of Church or return to me. If you have any questions about the scheme please do not hesitate to speak to Gilla Stead – Pastoral Cluster Coordinator.

At the AGM this year, in addition to celebrating all that the Lord has done for us and among us over the past year, we will elect members of the Electoral Roll (membership list) to serve on our Church Council. We will elect, two Church Wardens and six Council Members. Nomination forms are at the back of Church. Please note that to stand for election and to nominate someone to be elected, you must be a member of the Electoral Roll.

In general, on a Sunday morning, we try to keep the Church Carpark free for the older members of All Saints as well as families with babies or disabled members. Alternative parking can be found along the Route de Blonay (above the railway bridge).

Phil Green’s mind is a restless place. Various and many thoughts charge around it at any given time, some of which aren’t particularly healthy. So, he wrote a book about his experience of not just bringing his thoughts under control but having those thoughts transformed. His book, 40/40, offers us a reflection for both the morning and the evening of each of the 40 days of Lent. It’s available on kindle although hard copies might be tough to get hold off.  Why not join other men at Church in reading this book together through Lent. We’re setting up a WhatsApp group where thoughts can be shared on this journey. For more information contact Clive.

Our Creation Care Team are inviting us on a culinary journey this Lent. What we eat has a major impact on God’s world and as the population of God’s world continues to grow so does the challenge of feeding everyone. This was highlighted last month when the EAT-Lancet Commission published “The Planetary Health Diet”. It was their take on “a healthy diet from a sustainable food system.”  The BBC posted an article on their website which is worth reading. So, what about adjusting your diet for this Lent? You might go big and go for the Planetary Health Diet or you might choose to have an additional meat free day per week. Why not sign up online or on the hard copy downstairs. If you would like to exchange recipes, meal plans and ideas on how to reduce your animal product consumption on the Planetary Health Diet during this lent, please contact Janell Rolland via to join our WhatsApp group..

The EasyEnglish New Testament app is available free of charge and has already been downloaded in 150 countries around the world. The EasyEnglish Bible is a new version of scripture using a limited vocabulary of just 1200 words and simple syntax which was devised by a small team of MissionAssist volunteers. It is ideal for people who are learning English, or speak English as a foreign language. Find it here (

A new Alpha Course started on the 31st January and runs throughout the Winter until April. Each evening is pretty straight forward – turn up at 19h30, eat some great food, watch an engaging video and discuss. Alpha is a great opportunity to discover the meaning of life and address some of life’s great questions. Would you like to come? Contact Mark Jones (

Clive’s mobile number has changed to 078 710 18 60. Please update your contact details. His old number will remain active but will only be monitored irregularly.

Becky is considering starting an Inductive Bible Study and would like to know who might be interested in taking part. If you are interested please contact Becky directly ( To get the most out of an Inductive Bible Study, participants will need to do some “homework” before each session as well as commit to attending regularly. Once Becky has a feel for who is interested, she will then set a time that suits as many as possible.

Fun Science
Inspiring young people (ages 3-11) throughout Switzerland to develop an interest in science through simple interactive experiments in the areas of chemistry, physics and biology. (For more information

Yes ladies, it’s that time of year you have been looking forward to – a golden opportunity to reflect, rewind, receive and be refreshed!
We had a fantastic time last year in beautiful surroundings when we forged stronger friendships with one another and enjoyed time in the presence of our Heavenly Father. We had such a blast we would like to repeat the experience and we want you to join us again this Spring.

• When? 10am Saturday 4th to the afternoon of Sunday 5th May.
• Where? Le Vieux Chalet, Chateau d’Oex.
• Who is it for? Anyone from 18-99 who is at any stage of their faith journey and wants to discover more. We will spend some of our time being gently led by a guest speaker through some time of reflection and bible study.
• Cost? Total cost will be 140chf which includes your accommodation and meals, we will be requiring a 50chf to secure your place.

The church banking details are:
BCV, 1001 Lausanne
En faveur de : ALL SAINTS CHURCH, Ave de la Prairie 40, 1800 Vevey
Compte: Z 0780.16.30
Motif versement: Womens weekend
Swift Code: BCV LCH 2LXXX
IBAN: CH09 0076 7000 Z078 0163 0

There may be a small supplement for those who require a single room, please speak to Maxine directly, or 0793290222.

Put the date in your diary! Our Church Weekend will take place from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September in the Classic Alpine Hotel in Leysin. Our speaker will be Pastor Malcolm Duncan.

Yes, Malcolm is an Irish man, at least by birth, though having said that, he has lived most of his working life in England in a variety of roles. He is a pastor, having served in Goldhill Baptist Church until relocating back to Northern Ireland in 2017 where he is now pastor of Dundonald Elim. He is currently the chair of the Spring Harvest Planning Team and has spoken at this unique event regularly. On top of this, he is an author, broadcaster and government advisor. He is married to Debbie, a Clinical Nurse Tutor at King’s College, London. They have four children

The Winter 2018 Contact Magazine is now available in hard copy at the back of church. You can also find it available on the Church Website here.

The bridge between December and January is generally very smooth when it comes to our personal banking. For some of us, we have set up our Standing Orders simply to continue into the new year. However, for others, we have set them up in such a way that they come to an end at the end of the year and therefore need to be renewed. If you find yourself in this category and plan to continue to give to the ministry of All Saints, could we ask you to ensure that your Standing Order is renewed before the end of December? Many thanks in advance!

Here is the winter edition of our newsletter. We continue to hold two services a month in La Coudre church and as far as possible continue with our fundraising for Beryl Baker who is dependent on help from abroad to carry out her work among the Chaco Indians of Paraguay.

Please check our website,, regularly in case of last minute changes to times or venues.

During coffee time some of our younger members camp in the Youth Room and – how can we put it – rearrange the furniture in “creative ways”. Often this “creativity” means that those cleaning up on Monday mornings are faced with putting things back together again. We’d appreciate your help in ensuring that the Youth Room is kept tidy and ready for use by the next group.

Brice Johnson has invited a group of men from All Saints to join Project Compassion 2019. Practically speaking this would mean flying from Geneva to Budapest on Easter Monday (22nd April), staying in a local “hotel” near the project itself (Taut, western Romania north east of Arad), serving as needed, and returning on Saturday (27th April). Clearly details are limited but if this would be of interest to you, please contact Clive.   You can sign up at

BOP, aka Birds of Pray, is a group of women who meet to chat, pray and read the bible together once a week at Maxine’s house in Fontanivent. We meet on a Tuesday morning during term time between 9.30 and 11, our first get together will be on Tuesday 4th September. There is always coffee and an opportunity to share, support each other and build our faith and our friendships. We always welcome new members, whatever age or stage and wherever we are on our Christian journey. We’d love for you to join us. Come and give it a try, you can contact Maxine at or on 079 329 0222 if you want to know more.

You may already have heard that Data Protection Laws are changing. Your privacy is important, and All Saints wishes to ensure that the manner in which we handle your personal data, complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), coming into effect at the end of this month. In response to this new legislation, you will have already received an email from All Saints this week asking for permission to continue to contact you by email. If you haven’t answered it could we ask you to do so by the end of this week coming. In order for us to use your personal data (address, telephone number and email address) we need your explicit consent and so in addition, we will be sending you a consent form. Again, we would be very grateful if you could complete this and return it as soon as possible. Sadly, if we do not receive your consent, we will no longer be able to contact you in line with this new legislation. Thank you on behalf of Louise, Clive and Michael in the Church Office.

Are there people in your community with professional skills and a solid faith who desire to put these and their compassion to work by applying for a position with Medair in the field or in our Swiss headquarters? Are there prayer warriors in your community who are willing to pray for our work, our teams and the nearly two million people in crisis we serve each year? If so, we would love to connect with them, because without them we cannot do this work. Please contact Medair for more information.

At the back of church, you can find various pamphlets from different mission groups. These include the Open Doors (Portes Ouvertes), ICS and The European Anglican. Please feel free to take one home.

Sound Desk
All Saints wants to grow the number of volunteers responsible for the Sound Desk at either the 09h00 or 10h30 service. This service opportunity is open to anyone and will involve some training in addition to working alongside the current team. If this would interest you, please contact Clive (

Children and Youth
Working with Children and Young People is a daunting task, the noise, the energy, the chaos. But it is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles there is within the life of the a church. We are at a point within the life of All Saints that we need more volunteers to help with our youth and children’s work. If you can make juice, or can play games, or can lead a discussion group, or can make crafts I would love to meet you. Can you contact Michael Anderson at or on my mobile 0793362963 or talk to him during coffee downstairs.

Flower Arranging
The Flower Rota for the Summer is on the board at the back of church. Please sign up if you would like to help with this creative ministry or contact Katie Shaw for more information.

ASIS is a Swiss humanitarian and Integration association in collaboration with the ebereijere foundation in Nigeria. Doris Gomwalk, the founder and President, is currently seeking clothes (ages 3 to 12), English children’s books, teaching aids and donations for orphanages and the less privileged children and babies for a most worthwhile project in Nigeria. If you are able to help, please contact Doris or Sandra Darra (

Bernice Reid works as a midwife at the CHUV and they are looking for clothes for newborn refugee babies. If you can help, please contact her on

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