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Sermon Topic –  Psalm 139

This message draws from Psalm 139 to explore the profound idea that every life holds intrinsic worth, transcending race, age, wealth, gender, and more. It probes the origins of this belief and identifies its emergence from the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, rooted in Christian principles of justice and equality.

The sermon delves into key themes from Psalm 139:
1. Intimate Understanding: God’s deep knowledge of us surpasses our self-awareness, encompassing our strengths, weaknesses, and hidden aspects. This unconditional love forms the bedrock of our identity.
2. Purpose within God’s Plan: Our lives aren’t haphazard; they unfold within God’s intentions. Despite our freedom to err, God remains a guiding presence, steering us back toward our spiritual essence.
3. Ever-Present Connection: No physical or emotional distance can sever our connection with God. Amidst darkness, God’s presence persists, offering solace and strength.
4. Inherent Significance: Impeccably fashioned by God, we hold innate purpose irrespective of external measures. We’re intricately designed for a relationship with our Creator.

The sermon culminates by underscoring gratitude as the response to comprehending our worth and purpose. Through gratitude, we open ourselves to God and others, fostering a meaningful relationship. This connection grants us profound understanding, unwavering love, constant companionship, and alignment with God’s greater design. Amen.

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