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Sermon Topic –  The Sabbath: Mark 2v23-3v6

Photo by Thomas Despeyroux on https://unsplash.com/@thomasdes

This Sunday was a service of Morning Prayer where our Chaplain, Rev Mark Fletcher, reflected on the theme of Sabbath from Mark 2v23-3v6. In this message, the essence of religious laws and rules in our Christian journey was beautifully unfolded, using the canvas of Mark 2: 23-36. The message beckoned us to navigate beyond the commercialization and materialism that often shroud our Sundays, inviting us to embrace the sanctity and divine wisdom embedded in God’s laws. These laws, far from being mere restrictive mandates, blossom as divine wisdom meant to enrich, guide, and shower blessings upon our lives. The dialogue inspired a rethinking of societal shifts that have swayed us towards a terrain lacking room for rest, family, and community, urging a return to practices that breathe life into our spiritual walk.

The reflection tenderly unwrapped two potent gifts from the Gospel: a critique of superficial religiosity and the affirmation of the life-giving nature of good religious practices. It nudged our hearts to perceive the Sabbath, not as a mundane rule, but as a harmonious rhythm of creation—a divine offering fostering rest and a respite against the pervasive workaholic culture. Practices like daily prayer, tithing, and truth-telling were portrayed not as obligations, but as pathways aligned with God’s wisdom, enhancing our walk in faith and drawing us closer to the fullness of life through a grace-filled relationship with Jesus.

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