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Sermon Topic –  Psalm 42

Psalm 42 is another of the greats. It speaks out of profound emotions encountered during challenging experiences. We reflected on three things that were important during these times

1. Self-awareness: Recognising and understanding one’s emotions and feelings, and responding to them appropriately.
2. Remembrance: Recalling God’s past faithfulness and finding solace in prayer, pouring out one’s heart honestly to God.
3. Hopefulness: Trusting in God’s plan and the promise of a brighter future, even during bleak times. Tomorrow really is another day.

Feelings of sadness or depression are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. The text underscores the importance of the Bible, particularly the Psalms, in helping us to see our troubles in a bigger context, as part of God’s great story of redemption, and there is joy and peace found in God’s presence, even during life’s most challenging moments.

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